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Modular Design

The modular design approach makes it convenient to configure, store and transport the MOCOCAR V3. Reimagine the MOCOCAR V3 to suit your needs with ease.

Got You Covered

Two built-in cameras provide you with front and back 120-degree FOV live feeds directly into the Programmable Controller in smooth 1080p 50fps.

Silent Hub Motors, 4 Wheel Drive

MoCoCar V3 Features a brand new locomotion system; using silent hub motors in each wheel, thereby adding new and modes of steering that can be activated from the remote controller while providing an exceptional reduction in noise.

2-Wheel Steering

Only the front wheel pair is used in steering

4-Wheel Steering

Front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions, resulting in a tighter turning circle that is aligned with the middle of the chassis

Crab Steering

The front and rear pairs steer in the same direction, resulting in a sliding motion instead of a turn

Additional Modules

Elevate your MocoCar Experience with the additional modules.

Vibration Isolator

Vibration Isolator helps to eliminate low frequency vibrations for ultra smooth shots. The vibration isolator comes with a cheese plate mount which is compatible with most popular gimbal mounting plates.

Elevation Module

The elevation module enables smooth and motorized elevation changes between 130 - 180cm from the ground level. This movement can be recorded and automated within MoCo Car Station.

Shock Absorber

Thanks to the new design of the Shock Absorber you can balance your camera for the best performance. Adjustable spring and damper system lets you be flexible with your gear of choice.

Record & Go

Unique Motion Control feature lets the opeator record and play up to 4 minutes of throttle, steering, and elevation module height data with a tap of a single button.

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Store & Deploy in Minutes

Conveniently store the MocoCar V3 and additional Modules in their respective cases.

Main Box

Command Module, Programmable Controller, Socket Wrench, Allen Keys, Fixed Plate, Shock Absorber, Vibration Isolator

Elevation Module

Elevation Module, Elevation Module Cable

Drive Module

Drive Module, Studio Wheels x2, Track Wheels x2, Terrain Wheels x2

Unleash Your Filmmaking Freedom

Terrain Wheels

Roam with confidence on irregular grounds

Track Wheels

Designed to be used on standard rails for dolly shots

Studio Wheels

Designed for smooth and regular surfaces

Tech Specs

Size (L x W x H):

950 mm x 654 mm x 290 mm


19 kg / 41.8 lbs

Shock Absorber Size (L x W x H):

440 mm  x 350 mm x 170mm

MoCo Car V3

MoCo Car V3

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