Learning Mode

Learning Mode

In this blog We will be taking a look how to program Trexo Wheels quickly by using learning mode. First, let’s have a look at Trexo Wheels. Trexo Wheels has 2 capacitive buttons on top to program some basic features.

While designing the Trexo Wheels our intention was to provide flexibility for the users to have 1 device operation. They will be able to program Trexo Wheels via their mobile device and then also able to shoot their shot with the same mobile device.

So on the Trexo Wheels application you can program a movement and send to Trexo Wheels and just wait to start the movement.

With the triangle button and circle on top of the Trexo Wheels you will be able to start and stop the movement you just send to Trexo Wheels. So with this feature you can use one Mobile Device to program your movement and shoot with your video.

This buttons have also created an opportunity to program the Trexo Wheels even without using a Mobile Device.

By double tapping the Triangle Button users are be able to record a linear motion by simply teaching the device starting and finishing points.

And with the Circle Button users are able to program a circular movement by teaching angle on two points. Trexo Wheels makes a trigonometric calculation with the distance to the target from 2 angles so perform a 360 circular movement around the target. And we called Learning Mode to this feature.


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